A New Era for Document Control...

It's a great achievement for Document Control and we thank you for being a part of it.

This remains, in every sense, a work in progress. Over the last year, a small team of industry professionals – all with a long involvement in the discipline – have been working together to bring the Institute to life.

In establishing the Institute, we aim to increase visibility of the benefits of proper Document Control and to give professional Document Controllers access to the services and facilities currently available through the professional bodies that have long been a fixture in other engineering disciplines. The task is far from complete. To move forward, we need you. By becoming involved in the growth and development of your Institute, you will join us in making what we hope will prove to be a significant contribution to our industry and to the discipline of Document Control.

Please join the Institute today. There is no cost to you now, and in turn the services available will remain limited while we get up and running. In time there will be running costs, membership dues and services available, but at this point we don’t want your money, we want your support and your ideas. Above all we need you to sign up and give this project the credibility of numbers that will allow us to grow.

Thank you for your interest. Please tell us what you think, and tell everyone you know about us.

As you can see, we've recently made it to 1,500 members, and we hope to add more toward the end of the year. Please visit us at LinkedIn and Facebook and keep spreading the word.


For more details, visit: Document Control in Australia

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